Thursday, 14 October 2010

My New Venture

At the beginning of September, I received an email from a buyer for a Gift website that has 2 million visitors, asking me if I would consider having my Candles for sale on their website. It took me back a bit, I actually thought it was a scam email, and I finally showed the email to Michelle (my Daughter), a few days later. She said that she thought I should look into it and then decided that as she is the one with a better business head than me, (she has been trained to deal with buyers & has done it since she was 20) so she rang them. Yes they are interested and will check out my shop, to see which of my candles they wanted, and then they will get back to me.

Two days later I spent an hour on the phone with a lovely Scottish lady discussing what they wanted for their website. Basically anything I can make and package as a gift. These are the suggestions she put forward but as she said they are suggestions but I can include anything basically.

2 Glass Candles either in a box with either a tag or label saying 'Happy Birthday' 'Happy Anniversary' etc

1 Glass Candle packaged as above.

Burner & Melts packaged in a transparent box with label as above

Strawberries & Cream packaged as above.

They wanted a Mens Range of Candles, and I am testing some Fragrance Oils that exact copies of some well known Aftershaves, CK-1, Hugo Boss, Izzey Myke.

They also wanted an Aromatherapy Range, which could be bought for pregnant/new Mothers. I have choosen, Aromatherapy Relax, Aromatherapy Energy, Aromatherapy Moods, Aromatherapy Passion and Breathe Calm. It will be sold in packs of 2 and the buyer can chose 2 same/different Fragrances

Tea Cup with a ribbon/Bow on handles, packaged as above.

It is a family run Business run by 5 sisters and they only deal with home based makers, because it then gives a family feeling between them and their suppliers.
They do a lot of advertising online as well as in magazines and some of my products will be included in the adverts.

I can use my own Logo and colours on the products but my Logo will not appear on the website. My New Logo (above) was done by BonnitaGraphics .
It is made to order and when someone order one of products they will email me and then I will make, packaged and post out to the customer. I then invoice them and they will then pay me any monies owed to me once a week.

Well I am now happy to say that all the testing has been done and all the boxes I need have been ordered. I will be making the ones to be photographed over the weekend, I still have a couple to box up thats why no pics of thembut will keep you all updated.
Then all I have to do is send everything off to them. So I am hoping that by the end of October everything will be on the site. Once I know my Candles are on the site I will give you all the name of the site.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Baby Items

In honour of my latest Great Grand Daughter Lillie-Mai (above) I decided to do a Folksy friday Blog about Baby items that can be found on Folksy

I have picked 4 items that I personally have favourited but there are loads of items for the baby and new Mother in your family.

I love these little bootees and they can be found here at NOfkantsCurios

This gorgeous little matinee coat can be found here at Bootees by Danni

Theese gorgeous little rabbits would be a great gift for any baby and can be found here at Minerva Crafts

Here is the perfect gift for the new parents a gorgeous handmade diary that the parents can log their little angels fist tooth, first step, first words that will end up as a perfect keepske that will last years. It can be found here at Three Generations
Here is a list of shops that sell the most beautiful baby items all handmade with love and care.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

My Family

On Saturday the 2nd October I became a great grandmother for the third time. Lillie-Mai was born at 11.18 weighing in at 7lb 10 ounces to my eldest grandson Samuel and his partner Hayley.

Samuel is the youngest child of my eldest daughter Catherine or Caff as she likes to be known by. Her daughter Leanne gave me my first great grandson Jake who is now 3 yrs old.

In this picture is Caff (centre), Leanne (24), Samuel (21), Jake and Lillie-Mai.

My youngest Daughter Chelle has 3 stepchildren John (20), Natalie (19) and Liam (17) and my darling twins Sarah-Mae and Roman who will be 7 in January. My second Great grandchild is Kyera (19 mnths) the daughter of my grandson John and his partner Courtney who are expecting their 2nd child in April

In this Picture is Chelle with her family, this was taken not long after Keyra was born.

Well that is my family and I am very proud of them all and love them to bits

Thank you for reading